E-commerce remains a particularly bright spot for the retail industry, as U.S. online retail sales grew faster in 2016 than they have in the past three years and continue to represent a healthy chunk of total retail spending growth, according to a report released this morning from the U.S. Commerce Department.”

Sales on the web reached $394.86 billion last year, a 15.6% increase compared with $341.70 billion in 2015. That’s the highest growth rate since 2013, when online sales grew 16.5% over 2012.”

The bulk of those gains go to web leader Amazon.com Inc., however, as the e-commerce behemoth continues to gain loyalty among U.S. consumers. Here’s proof: The total value of transactions from U.S. consumers on Amazon.com reached $147.0 billion last year, a 31.3% increase compared with $112.0 billion in 2015, according to Internet Retailer and ChannelAdvisor Corp. estimates. That means that Amazon comprised 65.9% of the $53.1 billion growth in U.S. online retail last year, and 27.4% of the $127.6 billion increase in the total retail market.”

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Getting a tiny fraction of the online US retail sales through the Amazon marketplace program would be a tremendous boost to any entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a private label product business or sell his existing private label products online.

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Product Spy Pro offers suite of tools to stay ahead of the competition”

One of the useful tool product spypro offers is the Product spy tracker which track products of interest and see their performance history in terms of price, amazon average sales rank, units sold per day and daily revenue.”

Power Spy Search is another feature which search for products based on specific categories and criteria such as price, estimated sales and revenue, rank etc. and get the latest insights on how these products are selling on Amazon.
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Simple Spy Search feature let you search for products based on keywords within a category and get insights on products matching the keywords in real time

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