Listing analyzer basically shows every aspect of the product listing in amazon market place. No listing is created equal and there are always scope for improvements to be made. This is a good thing and – it means there are many ways sellers can improve and beat their competitors and listing analyzer helps in that endeavor.

You can use the insights provided by listing analyzer to boost your presence in the amazon market place. Quality of the images and well written description are very critical to attracting traffic to your products

Once you enter the keyword that you are interested in and click analyze, product analyzer search our database and provides you with AVERAGE BULLET Points, AVERAGE DESCRIPTION LENGTH, AVERAGE IMAGES  and AVERAGE REVIEWS and you can click the keyword to get more information about the products for the keyword.

Listing analyzer lists first page results for the key word that you entered and lists Average Review Count, Average Description Length, Average Number of Image sand average bullet points. Also lists the number of images, bullet points and description for each product. One can use this information to see if there is a scope for improving the listing quality.

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