Amazon Entrepreneurs know the importance of great product reviews on how well the products will sell. It is well known that positive reviews lead to increased sales. Consumers rely upon reviews as “ground-truth” on a product and can obtain vital information on the utility, feel and touch, usability reliability etc. from impartial sources. Good reviews also increase your product’s ranking, which, in turn, make it more likely for consumers to see your product first in searches and more likely they’ll come to you for what they want.

Reviews provide a chance to better understand and engage with your customer base. Through their feedback, you can learn about whether you’re doing a good job or not and what you might need to improve on. You can quickly address the issues of customers who may feel dissatisfied, creating a more positive experience for all and helping to show customers you’re personally invested resolution. Giving them a voice and communicating with them fosters loyalty in your brand, a facet that pays off big when attempting to establish a long-term business in selling private label products through Amazon.

Amazon Product Reviews

How does one secure glowing reviews? Incentivized feedback was once a popular option, but the practice is now frowned upon by Amazon. This makes the task of garnering positive reviews difficult but, there is still hope if you’re willing to put in the work. Today, we’re going to cover 10 tried-and-trustd tips that will help you get the positive reviews you need to make your Amazon brand strong.

Tip #1: Start With A Strong Product

It is vital that you should sell good quality products from which your customers derives high utility and excellent user experience. This helps directly develop your brand trustworthiness and positive chatter (word-of-mouth) reviews. If you’re selling subpar merchandise then the only feedback customers will provide for products they find to be inferior is negative. In fact, they might be more motivated to do their best to make their dissatisfaction known and “warn” other customers against purchasing anything from you. Anger, as you well know, is a powerful motivator.

On the flip side, though, so is happiness. If you have products that customers love, then the inverse scenario is much more likely. They’ll be impressed by the quality of your merchandise, and, in turn, will want to tell others about it.

Tip #2: Boost Your Sales

This might seem counterintuitive. On one hand , you want to get great reviews so you can get more sales but, on the other hand, getting more positive reviews requires increasing sales numbers. It turns out that the relationship between good sales and good reviews is cyclical. Positive feedback will help promote your products, but if you can get your sales numbers up, you’ll have more chances to score good reviews and even greater sales as a result.

You can give yourself a leg up here by making sure to do excellent product and market research before you introduce a product to Amazon. Online analytics tools such as Product SpyPro can give you invaluable insights through their analytics on trends and taste of customers on Amazon. By anticipating customers’ needs and providing them with something they are most likely to be interested in, you increase your chances of getting sales and can start to accrue the highly sought after reviews.

Tip #3: Ask For Feedback

On average, the number of Amazon customers who will write a review unprompted is approximately 5% . This means that effort must be put into prompting customers who have purchased your products to review it. By gently reminding customers that you appreciate their business and would appreciate it even more if they could say a few words about what they liked about your brand and product, you can generate more reviews.

A simple email can do the trick, but, when you’ve got a lot of clients who have purchased from you, that can become tedious. You might want utilize an automation program that can perform the task of nudging customers based on your mailing list. For both approaches, it’s critical that you collect and catalog contact information so you can reach out.

Tip #4: Don’t Forget To Follow Through

When asking customers for feedback, you’ll need to adopt the right tactics. A generic, impersonal email won’t be enough to seal the deal. You should lead into asking for a product review with a sustained approach that keeps the lines of communication open.

Start with simple “thank you” after they’ve made their purchase. Let them know that you appreciate the business and you’re ready to assist if they have any questions about the product. Later, follow up to ensure that they received their product and that it’s in good condition. Again, let them know that you’re there to help (an action that will also help reduce potential customer complaints). After that, you can send your request for a review. Frame the message as you “checking in” on them to make sure that everything is going well with the product, with a polite suggestion that they leave some feedback on it if they truly enjoyed it.

This gradual approach will help build a connection with your clientele, foster that important customer loyalty, and make it much more likely that they will be inclined not only to leave a review, but leave the best review that they can possibly give you.

Tip #5: Try Marketing With Your Product

As a complement to the email follow-up approach, you can also try offering a little “something extra” along with your products that might spur customers to go and leave a review. Marketing inserts, materials like thank you cards and discounts for other products, go a long way in building goodwill. You could even include a polite message with your product that lets your customer know that they are valued and that you would appreciate it greatly if they were to leave a review for you on Amazon.

Tip #6: Provide A Great Customer Experience

Throughout the entire selling process, you should be doing your best to remain helpful, keep the lines of communication open, and provide a great customer experience for your clients. Keep in mind that the goal is to increase customer loyalty and build a connection. If they like your product, then they might leave you some good feedback. If they like you and your product, they will be much more likely to express how they feel online. Be attentive to customer needs, follow through on questions and concerns, and keep engaging your base.

Tip #7: Lean On Social Media

The more that people are aware of your product, the better the chances of them trying it out and leaving some feedback. Marketing can help in extending your reach, and social media is one of the fastest and easiest ways to spread your message. Make sure to do your research beforehand so that you know which platforms your potential clients are most likely using so that you can avoid spending efforts on reaching customers who are unlikely to do business with you.

Tip #8: Try The Amazon Vine Program

This is an exclusive program Amazon runs for its vendors selling through Vendor Express and Vendor Central. It’s a paid deal that allows you to get reviews from their “top reviewers,” but it’s highly effective at getting you the feedback that you need to grow. The Vendor programs can be costly, upwards of several thousand dollars, and there are some restrictions that come associated with it, but if you are fine with forfeiting some control and spending the money, this could be an avenue you’ll want to explore.

Tip #9: Engagement Is Key

In addition to working hard for new reviews, you should also take the time to respond to reviews you’ve already received. If a customer has something nice to say about your product, thank them and assure them they you’ll continue doing your best in the future. If they have a complaint, try to understand why they’re unhappy and do you best to correct the issue. This will show the community that you are engaged, and help build your credentials as a seller that cares about their product and isn’t just out to make a quick buck.

Tip #10: Don’t Let Negative Reviews Slow You Down

Unfortunately, you can’t be entirely free of negative criticism, no matter how hard you try. There will be cases where you have negative reviews you can’t fix, but you shouldn’t let that throw you off. Keep implementing the best strategies for garnering more positive reviews, continue providing great products through product research using analytics tools such as Product SpyPro ( and customer service, then you should see a shift in how your brand is perceived. Your reviews will grow, your sales will flourish, and you’ll be on your way to furthering your Amazon business.

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