If you are a serious Amazon FBA seller, you must always be looking for ways to boost your income. Creating bundles is an effective way of boosting your Amazon FBA business. When we say boosting, it does not only imply sales but also includes improved rankings, pat on the back from Amazon, getting a buy box, repeat customers and more. Yes, bundles have the capability to do all this for you.

In this post, we will be discussing everything about creating bundles in a way that attracts more and more customers to your listing. Because once you have more customers, everything else automatically falls into place.

What is a Bundle?

Bundle is an assortment of two or more complementary items that you usually sell separately. Remember that bundle is not a multi pack. A multi pack consists of two or more varieties of the same item in a pack. For example, two T shirts of different colours would form a multi pack however a T shirt with a matching baseball cap would form a bundle.
Remember that a bundle must have more financial value for your customer as compared to the situation when they buy the products separately.

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Types of Bundles

Let us look at the different types of bundles that you can create:

  • The gift or themed bundle, for example a ‘new puppy’ bundle or a ‘new baby Boy’ bundle can have everything that the new owner or new parent need. As this is a gift, you should pay attention to how attractive the bundle looks.
  • The convenience bundle, for example a back to school bundle or a cleaning bundle. If your customers like these convenience bundles, they can easily become repeat customers.
  • Name brand bundles, for example TY Beanie Babies bundle or Aveeno Bundle. Branded products are more expensive. Bundles gives the customers an opportunity to buy them at discounted prices, which they love.
  • Generic bundles, for example scrapbooking kit or painting set. Again, these are consumed by the customers themselves. If they like it, they can become repeat customers.

Why You Should Create Bundles?

Bundles are usually not created by the sellers because they take lots of time and effort right from deciding the items in a bundle to shipping it to the Amazon warehouse. So if you create a bundle you are doing something that your competitors are not and hence gain advantage over them. Bundles can enable you to attract visitors, improve your rankings and boost your sales.

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Here are some advantages of creating bundles:

  • If you do everything correctly as per Amazon bundling guidelines you will get a buy now box all for yourself
  • You can bundle a slow moving item as part of an attractive bundle to clear your stock
  • Customers like to purchase other items from sellers that offer products at discounted prices
  • Tracking bundles is difficult for competitors, so you are safe from competition

Steps to Creating a Bundle

As mentioned earlier, it’s not an easy task to create a bundle. You need to go about it methodically, using the tried and tested methods shared by experienced sellers who have used bundles. The steps involved in creating a bundle include:

  1. Selecting items to be bundled together
  2. Create bundle listing
  3. Get UPC for your bundle
  4. Optimise for search by A9 Amazon algorithm
  5. Posting good bundle photos
  6. Package the bundle properly to avoid breakage or spoiling

Let us discuss each of the above-listed steps in more detail.

#1. Getting new ideas for bundle

The first step in creating your Amazon product bundle is to select the items that you want to bundle together. You should start by searching for the bundle already available in your marketplace. Even if there are only few bundled items, you must look at them carefully, research their popularity and analyse their offering. You should look towards creating a bundle that is distinct from other bundles in the marketplace and provide more value for the customers’ money.

If you make your bundle unique you will have less competition from others. Also, a unique bundle makes you eligible for the Buy Now box, a coveted prize.

A good place to get an idea about items that can be bundled together is to look at the frequently bought together section at the bottom of product listings on your products’ Amazon page. This will help you to isolate groups of items that customers are buying together and give you an insight into their requirement. The more tailor-made your bundle is to customers’ requirement better are its chances of success.

#2. Create a listing for the bundle

Once you know what products you want to put together, you should create a new listing. Amazon treats your bundles as separate product, so you need to list the bundle as a separate item with its own product page.

It’s good to know here that bundle listings can be created only by professional sellers. If you do not have a professional seller account you cannot create one. So it’s a good time to upgrade to professional seller account if you haven’t till now.

#3. Get a product UPC

Step 3 is to get a new UPC for your bundle. As mentioned above, Amazon treats your bundle as a separate product, so you need a separate UPC. However if you are creating bundles in the Grocery & Gourmet foods, Sports & outdoors, and Home & Garden categories, it is not mandatory for you to get a new UPC.

However, having a separate UPC gives you more visibility and places you above your competition. So you need to make a decision about what you want to do if you fall in any of these categories.

#4. Optimising listing for A9 Algorithm

Once you have a product listing and a UPC, if applicable, you should concentrate on optimising your listing for the Amazon algorithm A9. Like SEO, this process is often called Amazon Listing Optimisation. Here you need to keep a few points in mind:

  • Give descriptive bundle title but do not stuff with keywords. Remember that for Amazon algorithm mentioning a keyword once is sufficient. Your listing title could look something like this:
    Main Product Name bundle with other products’ Names no. of items
  • Main Product Name Bundle Name bundle with other products’ Names no. of items
  • Give a brief description with your target keywords.
  • Give description of each of the items in the bundle using bullet points
  • Put keywords in the search term box
  • When creating the bundle listing, you must clearly list the customer benefits of the bundle. Here are two benefits common to all bundles:
  • Enhances overall customer experience because they do not need to buy the products separately
  • Priced below the individual price of each of the items

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#5. Good Images of the Bundle

Having good photos of the bundle is essential. It also helps in improving search rankings. Ideally you should have one image with all the product visible clearly. Then you can have an image each for individual products. If you do not have appropriate image for individual products get them clicked.

#6. Package Properly

Last but not the least, you must package the bundle properly. Remember, you will send it to the Amazon warehouse for fulfilment. As the package has to travel twice, you must package it with double care. Here are some tips for proper packaging of the bundle:

  • Put all the items in a single bag so that the handlers know that it is a bundle
  • Use the correct wrapping, whether you are using shrink wrapping or zip lock bags
  • If you have a UPC barcode it must be prominently visible
  • You can put extract stickers like TO BE SOLD TOGETHER. DO NOT SEPARATE, etc.

Pricing the bundle

Once you have created a bundle, you need to price it. Ideally it should have been the last step of the bundle creation process, but it is so important that I decided to put it separately. Pricing the bundle is a very important step in attracting customers and boosting your sales.

As discussed earlier, sellers do not create listing frequently. So when you create a unique bundle, you can price it according to your own profit margins. However, there is every chance that your competitors try to copy your bundle. In such a scenario you must have pricing strategy in place. You can have a two-pronged approach here:

  • If your bundle gets copied by competitors, you can use automatic repricing to retain your buy box.
  • If your competitor has priced their bundle lower than what your minimum price is, wait for them to sell out. Then price your bundle at highest possible price and rake in the profits.

Bundling Tips

Since bundling is such an important technique to boost your Amazon FBA business, getting it right is essential. Here are some tips to refine your process of bundle creation:

  • Ensure that the items complement each other.
  • A generic item cannot be bundled with branded items.
  •  If you are restricted from selling in some categories, products of those categories cannot be part of your bundle.
  • You cannot modify a bundle once it is listed. However, you can create a new listing for the modified bundle.
  • A product pre-packaged by the manufacturer as a kit, including multiple items, cannot be listed as a bundle.

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