Given the central role the Amazon e-commerce platform plays in reaching customers worldwide, it is critical for an entrepreneur like yourself to understand products trends, customer buying trends and invest in products that have a greater chance of meeting customer tastes and generating killer profits while accelerating your Amazon business.

The product Spy Pro has built-in analytics capabilities, underpinned by data science, to give you an understanding of products trends and thus customer behavior derived by analyzing patterns based on categories, buying behavior, prices, rank, sales, revenue etc. as well as host of other factors. This in depth and broad analysis is available at your fingertips on Product Spy Pro.

For any entrepreneur wishing to start and/or expand an Amazon business, product research includes an important decision on which category of products should you consider selling on Amazon and hence make investment on it. The product Spy Pro suite of analytics tools includes Rank Estimator:

Sales Estimator: For a variety of Amazon categories of products, Product Spy Pro’s exclusive data science technology enables you to get an estimate of monthly sales quantity for a given sales rank. In essence, you can quickly determine the minimum sales rank that must be achieved to make your business a success.

Let’s have a closer look at the Sales Estimator. On Product Spy Pro, login to your account:

Login Screen

Login Screen

Upon login, you will see the following page:

Sales Estimator

Sales Estimator

Clicking on the Sales Estimator (highlighted in red oval) on top right will give you the following:

Sales Estimator Screen
Next, select the category of interest (Patio Lawn & Garden), enter Amazon sales rank number (4734) and click on GET ESTIMATED SALES (as highlighted by red ovals). The results for monthly estimates sales quantity will be displayed:

Salesestimator Result

In conclusion, we provided an overview of how you can quickly start product research for your amazon business using the Product Spy Pro’s Sales Estimator. The initial finding can then be used for deep dive product research.