Are you one of those trying to figure out what to sell on Amazon? A lot of us have been there. Amazon Product Research – one of our favorite topics that we love to discuss with the Amazon sellers the most. Amazon, the world’s biggest marketplace, sells more than 400 million individual products. A lot of newbies and even the experienced ones have difficulty in labeling through this colossal market finding the best category/niche to pour their time, money, and effort into. It is the question that drives everyone nuts – How to Do Amazon Product Research?

We are not through yet! Most of the sellers are too busy looking for the ‘perfect product’ for making serious money on Amazon. However, they are forgetting one thing, there is no such thing as ‘perfect product’ and every product is perfect but for the specific target audience.

Take a moment to consider what the successful Amazon sellers have in common when it comes to finding $10000/Month Products.

  • They don’t believe in perfect products
  • They progressively build a nice portfolio of some singles, doubles, and triples
  • They don’t go after a Grand Slam – every time

In this guide, we are going to help you with your Amazon Product Research then we will help you learn how to sell on Amazon effectively.

Amazon FBA Product Research Tool: Succeed Amazon Product Research Like a Pro

With no doubt, Amazon Product Research and deciding on what product to be sold is the most stressful and overwhelming step. Scouring through the hot items, bestseller lists, analyzing product listings, criteria, bullets, images, and competition is time-consuming and maddening.

Will it be good for the holidays? Is it seasonal? Will you be able to sell it effortlessly? Is there enough demand for the product?

How expensive will it be to ship? What will be the refund/return rate?

Does this product require higher customer support? Do people anticipate the product to work impeccably for years?  

In Amazon Product Research, picking the right product to sell is the most vital part for success, especially for the beginners. You will never want to get stuck with the product that is not selling! So it is crucial that you spend quality time on research finding the Best Products to Sell on Amazon depending on your target audience for the best chances of success.

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How to Do Product Research? A Quick (cheeky) Checklist of Amazon FBA Product Research Requirements

Identify the Best Products to Sell on Amazon using these recommended criteria and you will surely be able to find $10000/Month Products. We will go deep into the necessary criteria and specifications and will help you answer the question – ‘How to Do Amazon Product Research’ based on these criteria.

  • Average product price between $10-$50
  • Selling at least 10 products per day
  • Similar items have a best seller rank (BSR) of 5000 or lesser in the main niche
  • Top three related keywords have more than 50,000 monthly searches on Amazon
  • Lightweight products sell more (under 2-3 pounds)
  • 3-4 products with below 50 reviews on the first page
  • Not a seasonal but a year-round seller
  • No popular brand names within the product niche or category
  • The items can be made for 25% or below than the sale price
  • Multiple product-related opportunities
  • Current top sellers with room for optimization and improvement of current listings
  • Easy sourcing
  • Simple item that cannot go faulty or be broken
  • Ability to expand your brand with add-ons or related products
  • Product encourages recurring purchases
  • Can make a greater product over similar products in the market

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Verifying Demand for a Product during Amazon Product Research

You are scrolling through the Product Amazon FBA Product Research tool and suddenly find a superb product that has low competition and high-profit margins; you are all happy and excited. But there is a catch! All these factors won’t matter if there is not anyone looking to buy the product. This is the main reason why you will have to perfectly calculate the demand for the product you just found.

Don’t lose hope, we have got you covered. You cower in fear and that’s normal because there’s a lot of money at stake. You may be surprised to know that there are some very solid methods to measure the demand for a specific product and we are going to cover everyone single one of them below!

Here are seven crazy yet excellent metrics to ease out the risk during the Amazon product research phase and find $10000/month products.

#1 Price

Products ranging around $10-$50 lies in the impulse buying decision range because this is the price range that any customer wouldn’t spend even a second trying to figure out the best product. And as long as the customers think that the product you are selling is a good fit, it is a win-win.

To help you understand this segment, let us take two examples.

Ex:1- A product with a selling price of $100 can be easily sourced for about say $25. For Sourcing 1000 products, you will require spending $25000. A higher initial cost!

Ex:2- Similarly, a product with a selling price of $25 can be easily sourced for about say $5. For Sourcing 1000 products, you will require spending $5000. Looks easy and affordable as compared to the above example, isn’t it?

We are not saying that high-priced products are not easy to sell but as compared to low-priced products, they are! You should initially start your Amazon FBA Product Research with simple products with $10-$50 price tag. And you can later expand your brand with add-ons or related products. It will be much easier.

#2 Sells Around 10 Products a Day

When you ask what the Best Products to Sell on Amazon are, we would say those who have the capability to make monthly revenue of $10000 or above or maybe little less.

Say, your Amazon Product Research came up with a product with a selling price of $35 that sells about 10 pieces per day and you get a profit of $15 after the promotions, shipping, Amazon FB Fees, etc.

The net gross you will make per month is $35 X 10 Pieces X 30 Days = $10500.

And if everything goes according to the plan, you will get a profit of $15 X 10 Pieces per Day X 30 Days = $4500 per month in profits.

Greater the average sale units a day, the greater will be the profits. However, considering the baseline criteria, conduct an Amazon FBA Product Research to find a product that sells at least 10 units a day.

#3 Similar Products have a Best Seller Rank of 5000 or below in the Main Niche/Category

Figuring how often or well a product sells is a difficult thing to do. BSR or the best seller rank is the best fit for understanding and determining how well a product sells within its niche or category.

For instance, a product with a best seller rank (BSR) of 25,000 is going to perform poorly than a product in the same niche with a best seller rank of 3000.

The last thing you would want to do is choose a product that only sells in a handful when you hit the top spot.

Thus, it is recommended to check out at least 3-5 products during your Amazon FBA Product Research having a BRS ranking of 5000 in the main niche. This will ensure that you will be able to sell a high number of products once you reach the top spot.

More the number of products with low Best Seller Rank, better the chances of success, as simple as that.


Consider this for an example-

Suppose you find a product in “Pets and Supplies” with an Amazon BSR of 18000. However, you also see a BSR of 300 in ‘Basic Leashes for the same product. In order to get the accurate estimate, you have to focus on the main category that is, “Pets and Supplies.” On the other hand, you could also use Product SPY Pro Amazon Product Research tool for estimating the maximum as well as the minimum demand for the product in their respective niche.

#4 Top Three Related Keywords have more than 50,000 Monthly Searches on Amazon

The best way to find out whether the buyers are showing interest in your product category is to find out how many of them are searching for your product on Google or Amazon. What is more important is to determine your primary keywords in Amazon as the data suggests Amazon, in general, has a conversion rate between 12%-17%. So if your top three related product keywords together get over 50,000 monthly searches in Amazon, it is an indication that there is enough demand for the product to sell.

You can use Product Spy Pro’s Keywords research tool for finding the Keyword based on demand.

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#5 Lightweight Products Sell More (Under 2-3 Pounds)

The truth behind the success of many Amazon FBA sellers is that the Amazon Product Research they do to find $10000/Month Products mostly hovers around lightweight products (2-3 pounds).

You may or may not know that heavier products come with heavier FBA fees. So even if you are making profits you will not get what you desired for due to the hefty Amazon FBA fee. In simple words, as the weight and size of the product go higher, the profit margin drastically reduces.

On the other hand, the shipping charges increase if the product weighs more than 2 pounds.

#6 3-4 Products with Below 50 Reviews on the First Page

The number of reviews on your product’s first page can help you understand how hard it is for the sellers to gather sales. However, it is not an essential rule, especially in the niche where there if good sales. But the number of reviews on the first page can still help you understand how easily you can secure the top spots.

The more points you can verify in the checklist, the more beneficial it will be. However, these are not some hard rules to be followed but some basic criteria recommended for a successful start.

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#7 No Big Brands in the Product Niche! And find out is there a Year-Round Demand

This criterion is something that exactly deals with customer mentality. Of course, a buyer will choose a famous and well-established branded product over a new product. However, instead of competing for a product that already has some famous brands, and competing with them for sales, it is recommended to Amazon Product Research a non-competing product and start with relatively lesser competition. It will help you lay a foundation in your niche market as you will have lots of time for making strategies.

On the other hand, essential information to know while conducting Amazon FBA Product Research for finding the Best Products to Sell on Amazon is to figure whether the product has a year-round demand.

Are customers buying this product consistently throughout the year? Do you have a product that only sells during a particular time of the year?

The best way get out of this dilemma is to avail the assistance of Product SPY Pro tracker and track the sales of the products or even Google Trends. Simply type the main keyword of your product and you will see if your product is year-round or seasonal.


Concluding the topic, we will give you a tip of a lifetime for productively carrying Amazon Product Research. You can either perform all the mentioned stuff, visit the websites, study the potential products, go to all the competitors, put in all the weight and prices and other criteria that we have mentioned and you still may not come up with a product idea. Or you can simply go to the Product SPY Pro’s Amazon FBA Product Research tool and get all the services at a single place. The tools offer some unconventional ways of doing Amazon Product Research that can help you find $10000/Month Products.