Product Spy Pro is an Amazon product research tool to help entrepreneurs not only discover which products to sell on Amazon but which products will sell quickly to maximize profit.

For any entrepreneur, knowing latest trends (price, amazon sales rank etc.) for product categories of interest is absolutely essential to making a decision on why it makes sense to focus on any specific product category and specific products within. The product Spy Pro’s simple Search gives the capability to explore latest amazon selling trends.

Let us begin with Product category “Electronics” and specific product keyword “laptop”:

Simple Search Screen

Click on “submit” button results in products Spy Pro begins searching Amazon and returns the following results:



It highlights key metrics at the top of the page such as average sales in this category and specific keyword, average Amazon sale rank, average price and so on.

On this screen, scrolling down will give you additional options to download, filter and options to view the data. We can download the data in csv format by clicking on “Download CSV” button as follows:

We obtain the following csv file:

Now, let’s narrow down the view by clicking on “Options” button and only selecting “Brand”, “Price” and “Rank” to view:

The new view will be as follows:

Next, the Filter option further allows one to narrow the view as well. Suppose, we want view shaver with sales rank between 20 to 500 :

The displayed results will be revised as follows:

On this screen, begin typing a search term that appears in the product listing e.g. “ASUS” will refine the listing to only include those products with the search term as follows:

The product Spy Pro’s Simple Spy Search is a versatile product research tool to enable entrepreneurs to quickly narrow down the products that are likely to lead to success on Amazon.