Product Spy Pro is an Amazon product research tool to help entrepreneurs not only discover which products to sell on Amazon but which products will sell quickly to maximize profit.

For any entrepreneur, knowing historical trends (price, amazon sales rank etc.) for product categories of interest is absolutely essential to making a decision on why it makes sense to focus on any specific product category and specific products within.  The product Spy Pro’s Power Spy Search gives the capability to explore historical amazon selling trends based on the past six month time horizon data collected in our data base.

Let us begin our historical trend search as follows, select category – Automotive, Beauty, Camera & Photo, Cellphone & Accessories; Filters – Price ($5-$1000), Rank (200-20000),Listing Quality (25-85); Product Tier – Standard, Oversize; Seller – Amazon:



Clicking on “Submit” returns the following results (excerpt shown below):

Here we can see various products trends on Amazon such as price, rank, number of sellers, estimated monthly sales and revenue.  We can download the by clicking on the Excel CSV icon (shown below) to download the complete results:

We can further modify the search by including a keyword “brush”:

Which gives the following results (excerpt shown below):

Now, suppose we want to refresh and get the most recent trend on a specific product such as:

We can click on the following icon

to refresh the data about this product:

In Addition, Product Spy Pro offer another capability in which one can track a specific product and analyze its performance over time.  We can easily add a specific product to track from here by clicking on

For any product of interest: