Amazon is the world’s biggest marketplace offering both sellers and buyers a platform to make profits while selling and buying. There are many aspiring sellers trying to open an Amazon selling account. Truth to be told, setting up an Amazon selling account is easy, but what’s difficult is to make your first sale and keep growing. The competition is too high that only a few have succeeded in their business endeavor.

This is mainly because the number of sellers selling in the same niche category is too high. Hence, it becomes difficult for new sellers to come up with an innovative product. But there are sellers of the same niche market who are offering cut-throat competition to each other through their innovative strategies.

In this post, we will discuss how you can successfully launch your product on Amazon and make profits without much of a hassle.

Remember, a bit of preparation can go a long way, particularly when you are trying to do things right the first time.

#1 Opportunity Assessment

For a product to launch successfully, it needs to be a great product. It is not about creating a product but finding a product that will sell. You need to perform the rational analysis of the current market about the product you are pursuing. Moreover, you should have the willingness to respond to what the customers are actually buying.

After your product assessment, you think that your product is performing poorly; you may not want to pursue it. However, if you feel with little tweaks and changes, you will be able to better the product and make sales from it, then you should go with it. Here, you will require using tools like Product Spy Pro among others to perform the analytics of your product.

You need to determine how many units of the product are sold daily by your competitor and figure out the factors why it is not selling. That is, it may be due to the fact that the product is overpriced or maybe because it is oversized. It can be anything. You need to emphasize that and work accordingly.

#2 Get the Buzz Started Ahead of the Launch

Before you post your first item on Amazon, you need to work on getting the momentum started. You would want to tell the product you are about to launch is the hottest on the market.

How are you going to do that? You may want to practice the following concept ahead of the launch.

  • We would recommend you to create your own website and start publishing useful content related to your product. You can start with a little story to induce your target audience to know more about your product. Write blog posts about the product. It can be anything from product description to what your product does and how it can benefit people, including a review as well. It is vital so that your potential customers can jump right in once your product is released.
  • Next, you would want to use the power of social media o influence your audience. Social media can help you spread the word. Set up a hashtag and use it consistently.
  • You need to post content about your product consistently. However, make sure that anything you post is interesting because it will help to retain the already existing customer while attracting new ones. The best thing you can do is share problems faced by your customers and tell how your product can solve it.

#3 Price your Product Below your Competition

This is an essential factor to consider when launching your product on Amazon. It is not about having your product available, but fair pricing is also important.

First, you need to research the competitors, see at what price they are selling. Look for the quality they are offering and see what the customers are saying about the product in the reviews section. After reviewing everything, you need to determine whether your product is better than your competitors. Then you need to price your product at par or slightly below them. This will help your product get more exposure. Even if your product is better than your competitors, don’t be greedy and price your product too high. The goal is to build your brand credibility and presence.

We can safely say that when you price your product at par or below the competition, you may get significant traffic to your listing. Once more people start visiting your store, and there is enough traction, you can slowly increase your pricing.

Remember, it will take time. First, your customers need to gain your trust. So offer a good-quality product at a reasonable rate, for starters.

#4 Product Image is All That Matters

You need high-resolution pictures of your product to ensure that your customers can easily examine it without being physically able to investigate it. When it comes to online stores, images play a critical role. As the customers aren’t able to see and feel the product, they highly rely on the product images. You need to take high-res pictures of your product from different angles. You need to show your product as it is. Use proper lighting to capture the original look of your product.

You can hire a professional photographer for this job. He/she knows the perfect angles. The importance of product images is that they allow the customers to feel the best features and overall appearance of the product. Product image acts as a thin line between the customers clicking the buy now button and not clicking the buy now button.

The images should be optimized in a way that it looks the same when seen from a computer screen and a mobile device.

Please Note: Do not make any editing of the product’s appearance. You may tweak certain factors like lighting and shadow, but editing the appearance may confuse your buyers on whether the product is real or fake. And if the product they bought doesn’t look like the image, you may face a backlash from the customer and Amazon both.
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#5 Keyword Research and Optimization

You may now know that Amazon is typically a giant search engine. When we talk about the search engine, it is necessarily the keywords that matter. Misunderstanding this little detail can entirely influence your product launch strategy.

This means keywords are the key to a solid product launch. You need to use a wide variety of keywords in your product listing to make your product visible on the first page of the search results.

There are plenty of keywords research tools available that you can use to find the relevant keywords matching to your product.

You need to find at least 2-3 primary keywords and a few long tail keywords to be used in your product title and product description.

Once you have found the relevant keywords, you need to optimize the keywords to make it available for the customers when they type your product name on the search engine.

Keyword optimization is critical as it gives you a complete advantage over your competition. Search engine optimization is imperative in getting traffic to your product page.

With the right keywords, your customers can easily search for your product even when they are not using the Amazon platform to conduct the search.

#6 Write Informative and Classy Product Description

Once you have found the relevant keywords and optimized them, you need to use these keywords to write an informative description of your product.

Although the photos you took of your product should easily emphasize its benefits, a product description will help the buyers paint the picture of how they can use the product. So, you need to optimize your listing by creating a kick-ass product description.

When you are writing the product description, make sure that the product title contains the primary keyword. Amazon allows a maximum of 250 characters for your product title. So, you need to write a descriptive title within 250 characters, without missing out anything.

For example, the recommended product title format looks like this:

Name of the Product/Brand + Ingredient/Material + Size/Color + Benefit + Quantity

Well, to be honest, it is not necessary to list every factor mentioned above. However, this format will help you with building an attractive product title.

After the product title, you need to write a product description. It is where you answer all the questions your customers might have while describing your product.
Amazon allows the maximum of 2000 characters to write down a detailed product description giving you plenty of space to sell your product. You need to write the description is a narrative style, telling people why it is excellent for this particular use.

Last but not least, clear and concise bullet points are a must. These are the key product features that need to be written in the bulleted list. You can write the product specifications and other important factors that you missed in the product description in the bulleted list.

A bulleted list is easier to read and understand than a descriptive paragraph.

#7 Create Winning Promotions

After optimizing your product listing that included product images, keyword optimization, and detailed product description, you can now work on creating winning promotions in order to attract your potential customer base and expose your products to them.

This step is to stimulate people’s interest in your product launch. You may have already written blogs about your product and brand. This was you introducing your product to your audience. Now, you need to give people a reason to invest in your product.

You can start by giving discounts to get more eyes on your product. Moreover, offering promotional components like promo codes, free kindle books, free prime trials, and other deals, along with Amazon add-on items, you can quickly grab the attention of your potential customer base.

Setting up promotions is quite easy. It will take no longer than five minutes. You need to figure out the right platform to publish your promotions. You can start with social media promotions.
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#8 Gather a Bunch of Product Reviews

It is not easy to convince a buyer to purchase your product that has no reviews. When it comes to online shopping, people trust other buyers and genuinely believe what they wrote about the product in the review section.

You need to convince the buyers to write product reviews. To overcome this situation, we recommend you launch your product on your site first. Here, you are in charge of all the rules. Try to get reviews from your respected audience and post them on your site.

You can share the reviews on social media platforms and your blogs that will directly lead your potential customer base to your Amazon page.

It is easier than you think. Once you experience traffic on your site, you will encounter traffic on your Amazon page as well. This will help you build Amazon reviews, and people will see that you are a reliable and trusted merchant.

#9 Reach Out to Interested Niche through Paid Promotions

You can try to reach out to markets that have a keen interest in your product. The best way to do is by joining online communities. Facebook and Reddit run communities like this. You can have access to people who know your product and could possibly buy it. This is the easiest way to reach out to more people without spending a penny. Although this will not provide you with instant sales, it will definitely drive sales in the long run.

On the other hand, you can also invest in paid advertisements if your budget allows so. Paid promotions can help you reach more prospective buyers.

Launch your product. Good luck!


When it comes to sellers who successfully launched their products on Amazon, it is not all about how you promoted your brand but the actual groundwork you did before the launch. Look for a product that people would want to invest their money in. Nobody said it would be a cakewalk, and rushing may give you a cerebral pain. Don’t think that you can achieve overnight success by launching your product on Amazon. The real test starts after you successfully launch your product.

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