What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of YouTube? Videos? Music? Movies? If you are an Amazon FBA seller, you should be thinking about how you can use the world’s biggest video streaming platform for your e-commerce business. YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing site, and you can use it for marketing for increasing your Amazon FBA sales. Believe it or not, YouTube can be one of the most excellent tools you can use for your Amazon FBA success.

YouTube has opened up a new avenue for sharing news, media, and content. Most of the sellers think that they are already using a number of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among others for marketing and selling their products and services. However, what they don’t realize is that the e-commerce sector is ever-competitive. That is, the strategies you are using today will be outdated tomorrow. So, you have to use every opportunity knocking at your door.

If you don’t believe us, then consider the following numbers.

  • In a month, YouTube experiences around one billion users
  • Every month, more than six billion hours of videos are streamed on YouTube – that’s almost an hour for every individual on this planet!
  • Every minute, 100 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube
  • More than 80% of the traffic on YouTube comes from outside the United States
  • YouTube is localized in 61 languages and across 61 countries
  • As per the survey, individuals aged 18-34 visits YouTube more than any other cable network
  • Millions of subscriptions occur every day with the number of individuals subscribing daily is three times more as compared to the last year and the number of daily subscriptions is more than four times as compared to the previous year

The numbers don’t lie, and this is the reason several Amazon sellers and marketers realized the importance of YouTube for their e-commerce success. YouTube is a viable, profitable, and highly lucrative marketing channel considering the fact that people spend more time on YouTube than cable network and traditional television.

Develop Amazon Video Marketing Strategy for your Product

Before creating a product video, you need to have a strategy in place and understand your audience. To accomplish this feat, you must think through how exactly you are planning to use each of your product video, who are going to watch these videos, and from where the users are consuming your content.

For starters, a product page video must showcase numerous facets of the product to the potential buyers that they aren’t able to see in a static photo or aren’t able to understand in the detailed product description. But most importantly, these users need to see themselves in the video you are showing to them.

For example, suppose you are a fashion retailer. You can display your products using models to show how the product looks when used in the real environment. Or assume you sell outdoor recreation items. The best way you can market your products is by using the products in areas where they are actually useful like a camping excursion with beautiful backgrounds.

When it comes to online shopping, not being able to touch and feel the product is the biggest disappointment for many shoppers. So, as an Amazon seller, your objective must be to bridge that gap by providing a more holistic buying experience. The best way to do is placing your products in scenarios your potential buyers might relate to when they see the video.

Psychological triggers that Amazon sellers can use to increase sales and conversion:

  • Scarcity
  • Linking
  • Authority
  • Commitment and consistency
  • Reciprocity
  • Social proof

Starting a YouTube Channel for your Amazon FBA Business

As mentioned earlier, everyday users watch over billions of hours of YouTube video and yet only a small portion of Amazon sellers have started their YouTube Channel.

A basic YouTube video marketing strategy will help you build your brand’s identity, market your products, and connect with your potential customers in new and exciting ways.

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#1 Setting Up a YouTube Channel for your Amazon FBA Business

Creating a YouTube channel for your FBA business is quite simple. You need to log into the Google account in order to manage the channel. We recommend having a Brand Account instead of a personal channel to run your channel, as it can help scale your Amazon FBA business down the line. You can add users to your channel to your Brand Account without sharing the login credentials to your personal email.

For setting up a Brand Account:

  • Visit YouTube while logged into the Google account and navigate to the YouTube Channel Switcher
  • In this section you will see the options to create a new channel, any Brand Accounts you already manage, and your personal account
  • Click on “Create a new Channel.” Create your Brand Account by giving it a suitable name and click ‘Create’
  • That’s it! Your YouTube Brand Account is created

#2 Customizing your YouTube Channel

Once you have set up your Brand Account for your Amazon FBA business, give your channel a professional look to make sure that your potential customers take your channel seriously and know how to find you online.

  • Channel Icon- change the channel icon with your brand logo or name
  • Channel art- adding channel art is a great way to present your brand to the outside world
  • Details and Description- give a brief outline of your Amazon store, brand, products, and mission. In this section, it is important that you keep all the core keywords in mind while writing down the description. Use the keywords wisely as you have done on other social media pages and Amazon. Most importantly, add your contact information like email, phone numbers, and other aspects. Last but not the least, add links of all your brand’s social media profiles including the Amazon link to your Brand Account so that the users can directly navigate to those pages without much of a hassle

Attracting your Potential Base with Great Content

Now that your YouTube channel is up and running, it is finally the time to start thinking about the videos you are going to upload. The content, in this aspect – video, is an integral part of your marketing strategy. Video marketing is the best way to communicate with your customers by providing them with informative, high-quality, and entertaining content.

Further, you may or may not know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. So, if you are able to optimize your videos accordingly so that they can be found easily, YouTube can be a great place to find a new customer base. With that said, we will explain how you can use video to build a potential customer base for your brand.

Here are some of the different types of content your Amazon FBA business could be using.

#1 Entertainment

Creating a YouTube marketing tactic around fun videos that capture your audience’s interests is the best way to attract the viewers and focus it on your products.

For example, if you specialize in unique items like gifts, you can introduce your products using comic and humorous sketches around your selection of novelty gifts. Make sure that your videos are engaging and cater to your customers’ interests.

#2 Brand Storytelling

For creating compelling video content, storytelling is the most effective way to engage your potential audience. Inspiring videos that suit your business’ identity are the best way for conveying your brand’s message, ideals, and image to a broader audience.

These types of videos are geared towards creating a lifestyle around the brand so that when the customers buy the products, they are not just buying an item but experience as well.

For example, if you deal in outdoor recreation items, especially camping, hiking, swimming, etc. you can build your brand’s identity of exploration, adventure, and adrenaline around your products.

#3 Educational Content

The searches for ‘How-to’ videos have dramatically increased over the last decade. This means it is a brilliant opportunity to capture your audience’s attention by providing educational content around your Amazon products.

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Videos teaching specific skills help in building trust and nudge the customers down the conversion funnel.

For example, if you sell sewing and related products, you can teach your audience how to make different embroidery designs, how to use used and old clothes, and many more.

#4 Listicles

This is a very popular content format, and it can help you attract more audience towards your product. For example, you can upload videos like “10 ways to use (your product) for (any special feature).”

The platform is much bigger than you actually think and it is up to you how smartly you can use the resources to better your Amazon FBA business and drive more sales.

Optimizing your YouTube Video for Search

Only making good-quality content isn’t enough if you want to gain the attention of your potential customer base. Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in your YouTube marketing strategy. More than 400 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute; you need to do something that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Every aspect of your video including the video title, video description, and keywords, have a significant influence on how prominently your video get featured in the search results. Here are a few ways using which you can optimize your YouTube videos so that your products can reach more and more users when they need them the most.

#1 Keywords

As you have already set up your Amazon FBA business, you have narrowed down to the keywords you have used in your FBA campaigns from building the listings to promoting them on other social media platforms. You will probably need to conduct an Amazon keyword research for narrowing down the essential keywords.

Use the keywords accordingly in a way that users will use those keywords to come across your video. You are advised to experiment with the keywords, as the search you conduct on YouTube is slightly different from the search you perform on Amazon.

#2 Engagement

User engagement is the most crucial factor that YouTube takes into the account when determining the video quality.

Encourage your potential audience to hit the like button, share, subscribe, or comment after they have finished watching your video. The more engagement means higher will be the chances of your video showing up higher in the search results list. The best way to boost audience engagement levels is to offer giveaways and run contests. They are excellent means to improve the audience participation and communicate with your potential buyers.

The number of views your video has received is also taken into the account when YouTube is determining your rank. To get more views, we suggest, soon after you have published the video on YouTube, start distributing the video through your Amazon FBA business’ social media channels and through email list as well.

#3 Format

The format of the video is another significant factor affecting your overall search ranking on YouTube. It is not possible for YouTube to watch your content in order to determine its content. Nevertheless, there are some ways in which YouTube makes educated assumptions.

#4 Add Links of your Website and Amazon Product Page

It is recommended that you add links of your websites and your Amazon listings in your videos. This way you can link your buyers directly to your store to buy the products featured in the videos.

How can you leverage YouTube Marketing to Increase your Amazon FBA Sales?

You can start video marketing right from the beginning of your Amazon FBA business. However, we recommend that before turning towards YouTube marketing, you build a loyal following around your products. Steadily gain followers on your social media pages and put out good-quality content on your blog.

How can you leverage YouTube Marketing to Increase your Amazon FBA Sales

Once you have done all the mentioned things, it is time for you to move on to YouTube marketing.

Video marketing adds a whole new depth to your Amazon product marketing mix. If done correctly, you can use the content to add dimension to your product’s stories and features, explain how the viewers can use your product to their benefit in ways that can’t be found in websites or prints, and even tell the history of your brand and company. This translates to more sales. According to a study, the customers are 64% more likely to buy the product after viewing the video.

If you think that your product is worth a video description or you think a video is the best way to convey the use of your product, it is time to grab your camera.

If you are in the dark that you need a viral hit to ensure that your products are selling on Amazon, then you need to get out of it. It is vital that you understand there is no need to work hard to peg millions of views on your YouTube video just to sell your products. It is all about engagement and not a considerable number of views – you are not telling a story about yourself but your product.

Without any delay, we will now jump directly to the main topic. Here are some strategies you can follow to get views on your YouTube video.

#1 Shoot Short Videos

As mentioned earlier, if you are stretching a one-minute video to 10 long minutes and the viewers are dropping off after two minutes, then extending the video is not a viable option. Stick to short videos unless your product or content demands. People will get easily bored if you start showing how you started your store and how the idea came into the existence. You can still show people the history of your company origin but in a small and precise video. People will not care about how you started, but they will be more interested in what your product does. As per the statistics, videos under two minutes on YouTube create more views. Videos should be short enough to keep the viewers engaged and long enough to convey all the critical information.

With the changes in YouTube’s ranking algorithm, YouTube approve videos that engage viewers. You have to make sure that your video is watched until the very end, as it will gain a greater visibility than the videos that are abandoned early.

Again, focus on the quality of engagement rather than working on ways to increase the views.

#2 Be Consistent with Content Production

When it comes to YouTube marketing, it is just like any other marketing strategy you have done for your Amazon FBA business. It is all about consistency. You need to commit to a long term.

Depending on your listing, create videos. For example, if you are offering grooming kits for men, you should set up a dedicated store channel. A branded channel looks more professional, and you will have a more active online presence.

The best way to remain consistent with content production is to segment your videos. That is, if you are selling grooming kits for men, you can create videos describing the use of your products.

You can create as many segments as you want:

  • Segment 1- video tutorials on how to use the beard oil or any other product. You can make as many “how to use the product” videos and post them regularly.
  • Segment 2- video tutorials on how to keep your face clean (include your product). You can create as many self-grooming tips for men.
  • Segment 3- review of your products. If you are selling shampoos, oils, scissors, combs, facewash, and other products, you can regularly post product review videos under this segment.

Make sure that you don’t mix the videos. Post product review videos only under the review segment, how-to videos under a different section, and self-grooming videos under separate section. The more sorted your channel is, more engagement it will bring.

This will also allow you to post regular videos on your channel. However, the frequency of posting is recommended to every two weeks or once a month, depending on how you manage them.

#3 Use Analytics and Performance Metrics to Understand What Works and What Not

YouTube offers a whole host of data and information on the video performance and as an Amazon seller; you need to take full advantage of it. The data it offers is practically comprehensive enabling you to determine what is working and what is not.


Key metrics to track and improve your video performance:

  1. Understand the Watch Time

The success of your YouTube video entirely depends on the number of views it has gotten. However, when you are selling a product, the Watch Time is of utmost importance. It is the total estimated minutes spent on viewing your video. Watch Time is a great indicator telling the metric your video performance, and it can help you improve the quality and discoverability of your video content.

  1. Real-Time Report

The View count is verified by YouTube for removing the low-quality spammy views from the total. There is a 2-day interval in the number of views that YouTube highlights both in your dashboard and publicly. This is the main reason why Real-Time reporting is crucial for your YouTube channel. It gives an estimated number of views from the last two days for specific videos.

  1. Identify your traffic sources

Just like you are targeting potential customers on other social media platforms who are willing to buy your product from  Amazon, you need to analyze where your viewers are coming from in order to determine your video’s reach. If you want to increase your Amazon FBA sales through YouTube marketing, you need to identify your traffic sources so that you can target them in a more effective manner. The Traffic Sources Page on your YouTube Analytics Panel presents you with graphs displaying numerous sources of traffic including the total amount per source. This report can help you determine the sources that are actually beneficial for your Amazon FBA business as they are more interested in your products.

  1. Determine your Audience Demographics

In your YouTube Analytics panel, go to the Demographics page. This segment shows interactive graphs that enable you to visualize who is watching your videos, with the help of dimensions like device, geography, gender, and age among others. Your Amazon product videos will ultimately reach a segment of the potential customer base that was unable to reach you via Amazon search or other conventional search engines. Reviewing the gender and age of your video audience will expose you to the latest information that will further help you to create future product videos. Moreover, you can also find out from what region (country) your viewers are watching. This will allow you to create a definitive shipping plan for them.

  1. Pay close attention to the Playback Locations

This is the best way to determine how your potential customers are discovering your content. Are they accessing it via external websites or are they searching and finding it via YouTube itself? The Playback Locations page displays the total number of views based on where your video was played. This will allow you to determine your video’s popularity as well as the demand for your product.

  1. Analyze Audience Retention

The success of YouTube marketing relies on the quality of views. Reviewing the Audience Retention page on your channel will allow you to expose the exact times in your videos when the viewers stopped watching. This is extremely vital as it will enable you to determine at what point in the video the users lost their attention. This will help you prevent any similar mistakes in your next videos. Moreover, you get two main views on the Audience Retention page:

  • Relative Audience Retention

This allows you to compare your videos to other similar videos of your niche.

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  • Absolute Audience Retention

This allows you to determine the specific parts in your video that was the most popular.

  1. Track your Subscriber Rate

Your subscribers in your Amazon FBA business context can be existing or potential customers with an interest in your niche content or products. Make sure to analyze any fluctuations in your subscriber base. Are they increasing or are they decreasing? Monitor the variations, as it will enable you to understand the overall reach of your YouTube marketing strategy. You can see the number of potential subscribers you gained or lost on a video-by-video basis. Simply put, more subscribers mean more people love your video content, thus more exposure to your brand and products.

  1. Study Social Shares

Study how your video is performing in other social media platforms as well. Are your subscribers sharing your video on other social media pages as well? This will allow you to market your video in a better way on different social media platforms. If you know where your audience is sharing most of your video content, you will be able to target potential users from that platform. This is one social media strategy that will help you boost your Amazon FBA sales.

  1. Monitor Comments

User comments are the primary component of engagement. Comments are the best way to convert your viewers into potential buyers. See what users have to say about the video and the product you are featuring. If the users are commenting after they have used your product, see what they have to say. Are they happy with the product? Or are they disappointed? This will help you improve the quality of your product.

#4 Advertise with Google AdWords

Paid advertising is one way to promote your YouTube videos. As Google owns it, you can easily integrate AdWords with your content. This way you can increase your sales on Amazon. That is, AdWords allow you to advertise your video on three domains – as a promoted video when users are searching for similar videos on YouTube, as a banner advertisement when the users are browsing the internet, or as a pre-roll advertisement before the videos that users watch on YouTube (the ones that come with a message “you can skip this ad in 5 seconds”).


Using YouTube marketing for increasing Amazon FBA sales is similar to other marketing campaigns you conduct for promoting your brand and product. However, this method is more intriguing as it allows the potential buyers to analyze the product in sort of a practical manner.