Are you looking to find a good product to sell on Amazon but finding it difficult to decide where to start and do the amazon product research?

Finding a product that sells well and fast is a daunting task at best. There are so many different niches, markets to sell in and, not to mention, the variety of products that you can sell.

Failure to sell a product that isn’t profitable or in large market will lead not only to loss of investment but waste of significant investment in time as well. As a result, finding a correct product to sell on Amazon is the most important part of the process of selling on Amazon. It is a very good predictor of success or failure of your Amazon business and makes sense to do the product research in depth and thoroughly.

This is Part 2 of the blog and we would suggest to read part 1 of the blog here before reading  the second part.We will cover the remaining final eight requirements and intuitions needed for a successful product research and selling on Amazon. We discuss general rule of thumb intuition and provide order of importance and detailed rank and reason.

Amazon FBA and Private Labeling

In essence, selling on Amazon involves finding a supplier that will make our product for cheap. This usually entails finding a manufacturer in China or other countries where products can be sourced relatively cheaply. The easiest and fastest way to establish an Amazon business and make profit on Amazon is through private labeling a product.

The best way to approach this is to find a product that is already selling on Amazon and then finding a supplier that is manufacturing the product in question. Leverage the fact that this product is working well with customer demands and create your own label and packaging for the product. This strategy has the main advantage in that you are piggybacking on an existing product instead of attempting to invent a new product line which can be risky and possibly a high chance of failure.

Moreover, the product that is selling and profitable can be differentiated by making some adjustments based on customer feedback (reviews) and marketing it better can lead to a successful product selling on Amazon.

The basics of Amazon FBA is to find a supplier through Alibaba and aliexpress etc. Once we find a supplier, agree upon a product, features, packaging, adjustment to design etc., the product will be shipped to an Amazon warehouse in the United States. Upon receipt of our products by Amazon, we can begin listing it live on Amazon and start selling.

Product Research is the Most Important Factor in Determining Successful Amazon Business

In pursuit of finding a product that sells well and makes profit requires strategy based on some intuition as well as analytics based on how Amazon works in selling products, customer trending in terms of their preferences, what customers are buying and what sort of reviews they are providing for products.

It is vital that you spend a significant amount of time finding the right product that will give you the best chance for success.
Initially, Amazon Best Sellers List is a good place to start your product research:

New Interesting find

Here you will find across different departments which products are most popular by sales. Browsing this will give you a very good idea on which products are performing well across a broad range of categories by sales. However, this is an hourly snapshot which means that you must keep checking to see which products continue to dominate sales over a good length of time. Only with continuous checking you will get a good idea that some products are well matched with customer demands but it is still an insight based on short history.

Subsequent to an initial Amazon FBA product research, the need to apply some smart tools to help you speed up your research and find a product to sell is very advisable. There are various online tools available and I highly recommend Product Spy Pro. The product Spy Pro’s suite of analytics tools is a very powerful software that will make your life much easier in helping you do all the research you need to find profitable products – it is well worth the investment.

Amazon Product Spy Pro

General “Rule of Thumb” for Narrowing Down Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

In finding a product to sell, it is well worth leveraging experience of others who have tried to sell Amazon. Following are important products requirement/intuitions that seems to work well:

• Average Product Sale Price Between $5-$45 and have at least a 30-50% profit margin.
• Lightweight (Preferably under 2-3 pounds). Make sure the product is light and relatively small (not more than a few pounds), as this will make a big difference in the cost of shipping your product.
• Similar Products have a 5,000 Best Seller Rank or Smaller in Main Category.
• No Brand Names within Product Category/Niche.
• Find a product that is simple and won’t break easily or have complications, as otherwise it can result in refunds or customer complaints.
• 2-3 Products with less than 50 reviews on first page.
• Product can be made for 25% or less of sale price. Find a product that is relatively inexpensive to make (this will depend on your budget).
• Room for improvement and optimization of current listings
• Product is easily outsourced in China or equivalent
• Year-round seller (not seasonal)
• Similar products being sold on eBay
• Ability to expand your brand with related products
• Can make a superior product over similar products in the market
• Product encourages recurring purchases
• Multiple product keywords
• Pick a product that can stand out some way in the market, or find a better product to sell on Amazon in that market.
Find a product to sell on Amazon for which you personally feel passionate.
• Think about your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th product. Think about the bigger picture, the market and niche you want to get into, and ultimately the brand you want to create.

Order of Importance for “Rule of Thumb”: Rank and Reason

9. Top product keywords

Selecting a product keyword that is in much demand is vital to selling the products. Top keywords within a market indicates there is demand for this type of products and selecting such keywords for our product ensures that we are playing in a market with decent demand.



10. Is the product of interest available

Of course, it goes without saying that product of interest must be available for you to sell it on Amazon in the first place but at the same time sourcing it cheaply is vital to your business model. This is where products made in China becomes extremely important to your Amazon business.

Use the online tools such as Product Spy Pro to hop over the Alibaba in one click to check number of suppliers making the product. The more suppliers that are offering the product of interest better it is for you to source, negotiate a better price and have contingent suppliers at hand if issues are encountered with a specific supplier.

Product research alibaba

11. Seasonality Averse products

For an Amazon business to avoid “feast-and-famine” scenario, it is better to select a product that has demand all year round instead of having high seasonal demands.

This places a greater strain on your cash flow during high demand season and then very low turnover during off season. Therefore, having a product that is in demand year round will help in ensuing monthly profitable income.

Currently Amazon product tracker in Product Spy Pro keeps 30 days’ worth of data. By taking screen shots and comparing the month to month demand, one can determine the seasonal demands.


12. Brand Presence with Complementary Products

Of course, the long term strategy to establishing a successful Amazon business is to develop a strong brand presence. This is important if you are planning on creating a brand around your products.

If strong brand presence is an objective then you should seek out a niche market that has the potential for you to create multiple complementary products which can be sold under a single brand name.

An illustrative example is an ice cream scoop. One can sell other complimentary products related to the ice cream scoop and create a strong brand presence on Amazon. The ice cream scoop is categorized under Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets therefore there is potential to sell other gadgets which can be used in the kitchen. This would open exploration of other products that are related to gadgets around kitchen hence build a strong brand presence in the gadget space.

For example, using product spy pro, you can search for icecream to find relate products. In the power search results, you can see icecream scoops and ice cream tubs.

Power search icecream

Ice cream result page

13. Make an Improvement Over Existing Products

If you can make a better and unique product compared to what is being sold by the competition in the market then you will have a huge advantage over them.

This endeavor would require significant product research on your part to examine what is being offered in a given market niche of interest. Overall, you are trying to find what is lacking in the products being offered and improving upon these weaknesses to make a better product.

One of the key ways in which tools such as Product Spy Pro can help is to let you home in on rating and review analytics. These are generally good indicators as to how the products being sold is perceived by their customers. A low rating would indicate a potential opportunity to improve a product while reading reviews may give you clue as to what customers are perceiving as weakness of the competition’s products in the market.

Review and Rating

16. Product Described by Multiple Keywords

A product that can be described by more than just one keyword would be advantageous since it will improve your chances of ranking in any one of those keywords rather than just a single keyword. In general, if there are more keyword then this indicates that there is a higher demand for such products. It is recommended to have at least four keyword for a product to improve your chances of selling the product well and make good profit.


Concluding Remarks

We covered final eight requirements and intuition needed for product research in order to sell successfully on Amazon. Using these intuitions and online analytics tools such Product Spy Pro makes product research easy.