People now have started to understand the significance of Amazon reviews. As an Amazon seller, it is an excellent business tactic to attempt and get as many optimistic reviews as you can because the reviews can directly influence your sales along with your rankings on Amazon.

This is the reason why sellers are doing everything possible in order to get as many positive reviews they can. But the truth to be told, most of the Amazon sellers has no idea how to get the best out of it.

Knowing that Amazon reviews are the key to success, the sellers must understand to get the Amazon reviews the right way or face account closure or suspension. As Amazon values the reviews from the customers, it does half of the work for you. But there are certain ways to get Amazon reviews faster and legally.

amazon reviews

Two Types of Amazon Reviews

Before you go all out asking the customers for Amazon reviews, you must understand that there are two types of Reviews collected by Amazon. You have to understand which type of review matters the most to your sales.

1. Product Review:

Product reviews are most important types of Amazon reviews which is basically a star-rated review system. Product reviews are significantly featured on the product page. Things you must know about product reviews;

  • Product reviews are not attached to any particular seller but to the product listing page
  • Any user with an Amazon account can leave a review, whether or not they bought the product
  • Items with 4-star or higher reviews are prone to appear higher in the Amazon shopping searches
  • More than half of the customers rely on product reviews for purchasing a particular item

2. Seller Ratings:

Seller ratings on Amazon are quite different from product reviews. For starters, the ratings/reviews are attached to the seller’s account and not to any particular product. The seller ratings are intended to provide the seller’s performance history. Seller ratings are considered important as they directly influence the buying decisions of the customers when the sellers contend on the same product. In other words, seller ratings are detailed information about the seller’s performance.

If you want to get Amazon review for seller ratings, your buyers are required to fill out a feedback form. The buyers can access the seller’s feedback form from their order page. Unlike seller ratings, the product reviews are not connected to the Amazon sale.

This article introduces certain approaches that can help you avail more Amazon reviews legally. You can use these approaches to launch your products on Amazon and get legal non-incentivized reviews. It requires nothing but a bit of business psychology and a little patience as we are talking about getting reviews the legal way.

Create an Email List:

This one probably requires a long-term commitment but guarantees positive results. Nothing is easier when you first start out and collecting enough email addresses of your customers is not an easy task. But once you have collected enough addresses from the first product you sold, it will pave the way for the next products you sell. Therefore, you can send the emails to everyone on your customers’ list.

However, it will require a lot of background operations. That is, you have to convince the customers to avail your services in exchange for concessions/discounts; you have to create ads for your products to generate traffic for your independent website or landing page.

If you want this method to be truly effective, you will require investing in a hearty independent website or a landing page. Using a landing page or an independent website, you can attract the customers via social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc as you can host promotional campaigns to collect the email addresses of the users.

Use Tools to Collect Reviewers:

You can directly contact the reviewers if you want positive Amazon reviews. Creating email lists can prove to be a tedious job and may also cost a lot of your money and time.

But there are certain tools that can help you gain positive reviews for the products you sell in a safe and effective manner. It is effective in a way that the customer group you are targeting is precise so, it becomes easier to get the email addresses of your target group. So you have to first find ways to get the email addresses of your targeted customers. This involves finding the products pages where the customers once purchased items and left reviews, and then accumulating their emails for sending emails regarding your products and services.

For instance, your target customers might be fashion-loving people. So you can visit certain Amazon stores selling fashion apparels and accessories and other similar items to find email addresses.

It is not easy as it sounds and doing it manually can take a whole lot of your time. Thankfully, there are great deals of tools like AMZDiscover that can help you do this task and it is absolutely legal.
Targeting a specific customer group is essential for accumulating positive Amazon reviews and using a tool can make it very easy for you to target the specific group of users and avail their email addresses. This approach is more efficient and less risky than going solo.

Understand and Memorize the Official Rules of Amazon:

The best thing you can do as a seller is to get yourself familiar with the Amazon review rules in a way that you can parrot it out even when you are in the middle of your REM sleep.
You have to eliminate the grey areas by understanding what’s legitimate and what isn’t so that your mind is always clear of the worry whether you are doing things the right way or not. Once you understand the rules, you will be able to explore the other opportunities that you can exploit to your benefit.

amazon review rules

To see what the official Amazon rules are, you are required to log into your Amazon Seller Central Account. Now, if you haven’t yet started selling on Amazon or haven’t signed up to sell, but are curious about what the official rules state, here are some of the official rules.

1. You are not allowed to offer free items/products to your customers in return for reviews unless you are an Amazon Vine Program member. It is an illegal approach and Amazon can dismiss or cancel your Amazon Seller Account and you may never be able to sell on the world’s biggest marketplace again.
2. Never try to write your own reviews. It is against the company’s guidelines and utterly pathetic as well
3. Do not offer/bribe products or money to the customers in order to get reviews. There are chances that even after you offered free products, you accumulated zero or ‘less than you expected’ reviews. By the way, you are selling on Amazon to make money, and not to give away freely
4. You are forbidden from giving out discounts and promotions in exchange for reviews. You can give out coupons but not when the customers are about to write a review
5. Amazon cannot check who are your relatives and who are your friends, but Amazon doesn’t authorize its seller to allow their friends and family to pen down a review. It is against the company policy
6. Voting on the support of reviews is prohibited as it sounds like ‘partiality’ to Amazon
7. As a seller, you are prohibited from leaving any negative comments on your competitor’s services and products. It is unethical
8. You are not allowed to swap a good review for a good review. Amazon is not a blog network
9. Reviews, before the sales happen, are known as the unverified reviews. Don’t think of getting one
The above listed are few of the many things you can’t do on Amazon as a seller for accumulating reviews.

Make the Use of all kinds of Forums:

There is a hoard of people who love to gather on numerous online forums related to their specific interests. There are many user-created areas specific topics and interest of conversation. The typical example of this is Reddit. You can post messages related to your services and products to attract the potential customer base. However, there are certain things you need to consider before you jump right into it. First, the goal is to really get involved in the forums for weeks and maybe months before posting any content related to your Amazon reviews. For instance, if the products you sell are fitness equipment, then during the first phase of the forum (product development phase), you could discuss how the products you sell are manufactured and what are its unique features that separate your products from other products of the same niche.

More importantly, you could take this opportunity to mingle with the users, ask them for their advice and help. By doing this, you can build a good relationship with your target user groups. Once the users get familiar with you and your products, it will be easier for you to send your products to the users, once it is released and ask them for hearty review.
However, this approach also faces the same issue, that is; the result is uncertain. You will never know when it will triumph.

You can use Amazon’s Automated Order Feedback System:

Amazon values feedbacks and hence, makes it easier for the sellers to get Amazon reviews from the orders that came. In fact, Amazon provides its sellers with the provision of setting up their Amazon Seller Account to routinely send feedback request emails to the shoppers following order delivery.

Moreover, you are allowed to customize the feedback requests in the Feedback Manager from your Seller Central dashboard. However, you are required to keep in mind the general set of rules and policies we discussed above because Amazon likes to stick to its rules and will not tolerate any disobedience even if you are its prime seller. So while sending the feedback requests, you are required to watch your language. That is, do not write something like these;

  • If you loved this product, make sure to write us a good review
  • Thank you for buying this product from us. If you are thrilled with your new product, leave us a 5-star review
  • Give us a 5-star and we will send you a coupon
  • And more…

If you try to get your Amazon reviews using these feedback messages, you will soon find yourself in the hot waters. So instead of these lame feedback messages, you can actually try to ask for an encouraging feedback just like these;

  • Share your experience with Amazon
  • We value your insight
  • We respect your opinion

Make the Most Out of Customer Services:

With the help of Amazon API, you are legible to access third-party tools for sending automatic emails. This was you get the opportunity to capitalize on every product you sold and convince the shoppers to leave a positive review. However, most of the sellers are not aware of this process, but it is not as intimidating as it seems to be. In general, the automatic emails are split into three phases.


1. The first email is sent to the shopper following the product has left the storage facility and is up for delivery – Reminder Email
2. The second email is sent to the shopper following the product has been delivered to him/her – delivery email
3. The third email is sent to the shopper seeking the shopper’s regards after the product is received. It is the third email where you can ask the customers for a feedback


That’s it; these are some of the many methods to get bulk reviews for your Amazon FBA products legally in 2018. All these methods are proven to offer positive results but most of them generally take more time than you ever imagine. But legality is what it is required if you want to do business with Amazon.

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