Whether you are a new Amazon FBA seller or an experienced store owner trying to shuffle your products, it is an excellent approach to identify and discover bestselling products on the world’s biggest marketplace weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. There are plenty of categories on Amazon within which you can sell your products to your target audience. However, truth to be told, not all categories on Amazon comes with drenching benefits. As an Amazon seller, it is your responsibility to find a profitable niche category and bestselling products in order to reap maximum benefits. Being exposed to which categories are top sellers on Amazon and understanding its depth is what makes a successful seller on Amazon.

However, trying to understand which categories are popular on Amazon and why appears overwhelming. Amazon’s bestselling list incorporates a real-time selection of buyers’ top product in each category, which is updated on an hourly basis. It means that the items that are on the list won’t always be the bestsellers.
After reading all this, you might be feeling a bit ambiguous about which categories to start selling in. Don’t worry, we have got you covered! In this post, we have listed some of the main categories on Amazon and uncovered some great takeaways on how you can find new products and drive more sales.

Top Bestselling Categories and Items on Amazon

While there are thousands of products sold on Amazon every day, the list mentioned includes the ones from a few primary categories.

#1 Toys & Games

Items that sell well under “Toys & Games” category

  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Board games
  • Lego blocks
  • Outdoor kits
  • Playsets
  • Wooden game kits
  • Inflatable lounges
  • Card games
  • Colorful toys
  • Memory games
  • Modeling clays
  • Action figures and collectible dolls


Children are some of the most excessive consumers of the Toys & Games market. Hence, selling toys and games on Amazon has its potential benefits, generating high sales being one of them. When it comes to selling toys and games on Amazon, it is critical to keep an ear to current trends and fads, as this is a very dynamic category.

Certain products in this category tend to be timelessly bestseller on both Amazon as well as other e-commerce sites. Learning games, brain games, memory boosting games like chess, outdoor games, etc. go very well. Hence, if you are eyeing this category, you need to customize your Amazon store with creative, learning, and popular games to ensure a high Return On Investment (ROI). Most importantly, there are some toys that are illegal to sell, so you must comply with Amazon’s rules and regulations before selecting your product to sell on Amazon.

#2 Gadgets and Electronic Accessories

Items that sell well under “Gadgets and Electronic Accessories” category

  • Screen guards
  • Printers
  • USB devices
  • Memory cards
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Headphones
  • Power banks and chargers
  • Cords and cables for computers
  • Phone cases
  • Portable speakers
  • Smart devices – smartphones, tablets, etc.

In this technology savvy world, it is hard to imagine living without our beloved electronic devices. Gadgets, smart devices, and electronic devices have become an integral part of our lives. When one technology is outdated, other emerges, and people are always keen on keeping up to date with technology. This is the reason why sellers under the Gadgets and Electronic Accessories category have thrived so far. If you are considering selling electronic accessories and gadgets under this category, you can source your products directly from the manufacturers.

A category like ‘Gadgets and Electronic Accessories’ will always be on the list of bestselling niches as long as people want to be up-to-date with their gadgets and never want them to go outdated. As Amazon is a trusted e-commerce platform, consumers have no issue buying expensive electronics from the marketplace.

#3 Video Games

Items that sell well under “Video Games” category

  • Game charge kits and docs
  • Gaming accessories
  • Wireless controllers, consoles, and game adapters
  • Nintendo
  • Microsoft XBOX
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Gaming gift cards

The gaming industry is larger than you think. It will grow into a billion-dollar industry by the end of 2020. The popularity of video games has only grown over the years thanks to some serious developments in gaming technology and graphics. The hardware and software are the two primary sources of revenue in the gaming world. Hardware like processors, controllers, screens, and accessories are always in demand. Software, on the other hand, which is obviously the ‘games,’ had been there for decades.

However, the games are much more advanced now with higher graphics and top of the grade hardware requirements. You can categorize games based on the platform – console games and computer games. Both the categories are in high demand, and this makes the “video games” category a thriving one. There is a separate fan base for particular games and gamers are constantly looking for ways to make their gaming experience better through software and accessories.

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#4 Camera and Photo Accessories

Items that sell well under “Camera and Photo Accessories” category

  • Home security cameras
  • GoPro action cameras
  • Photo papers
  • Camera accessory tools and kits
  • Instant click cameras
  • Digital cameras
  • Instant films

With the increasing popularity of social media platforms, taking photographs and videos and publicizing them all across the internet has become a thing. And this has led the digital camera business to take new heights. Today, people are demanding the latest cameras and equipment for taking pictures and making videos. As Amazon provides the consumers with the option of providing all the camera accessories and equipment under one roof, the Camera and Photo Accessories category has generated around 50.6% sales. This means this is one such category where new Amazon sellers and even experienced ones can try their hands at. However, ensure that you are offering genuine products and parts because there are plenty of sellers already selling in the same category and you would want to stand out from the competition.

#5 Books

Items that sell well under the “Books” category

  • Suspense and thriller books
  • Fictional books
  • Comics
  • Children’s books
  • Biographies and memoirs
  • Cookbooks, diet books, and recipe books
  • Educational books

You may think that paperbacks and hardcover books are outdated in this digital era. But, you are wrong here! They are and will always remain classics no matter how digitized the world becomes. There is a separate hoard of bookworms or bookaholics who are always eager to reading something new. For them, the smell of new books is like the smell of coffee; it gives them energy. You will be surprised to know that there are more readers and advocates of physical books in this world that you could think of. This is the reason why ‘books’ is among the top categories of Amazon’s bestselling products. However, for selling books on Amazon, you must be up-to-date with the bestsellers and all-time favorites including the new releases. On the other hand, some sellers even sell the Kindle version of the books for people who prefer it that way.

#6 Clothing, Apparels, and Fashion Accessories

Items that sell well under “Clothing, Apparels, and Fashion Accessories” category

  • Shoes – casual, sports, party, kids
  • Exclusive apparels
  • Jewelry and accessories

The fact that people want to look their best all the time is what makes the ‘Clothing, Apparels, and Fashion Accessories’ category one of the most prominent for Amazon sellers. People are always trying new things, and they want something that can go well with their look and personality. There are plenty of sellers selling fashion apparels and accessories to a dedicated target audience that has occupied a huge room for income. Clothing and apparels are the basic needs in our lives, and with trendy outfits and accessories storming the market every day, people do stop by to give it a look and maybe buy one or two. Now, there’s a catch! Either you can sell branded items, or you can sell clothing and accessories made under your brand. People will buy your stuff given the design and materials used are of the utmost quality.

#7 Beauty and Personal Care

Items that sell well under “Beauty and Personal Care” category

  • Beauty tools and accessories
  • Beauty products, especially organic
  • Branded makeup products

Apart from clothing, both men and women equally look up to beauty and personal care products to keep themselves hygienic and beautiful. The beauty industry is one of the most flourishing markets both online and offline. No matter what happens people will not stop buying beauty products. Amazon is a trusted platform where consumers know that products sold are genuine and reliable. Moreover, Amazon is one such platform where most categories of beauty products can be sold. So, consumers are always sure about the availability of the product. This makes ‘Beauty and Personal Care’ one of the high-revenue generating categories on Amazon. On the other hand, what sells more in this category is the ‘organic’ label. If you create an organic beauty product line, you have a higher chance of selling big on Amazon. This is because people prefer organic over chemicals these days.

How to find your category’s bestselling Amazon affiliate products?

Now that you have come across some of the top selling product categories on Amazon, it is time for you to find the best products from the category you choose to sell in. There are plenty of ways to find the bestselling products. First and foremost, you need to narrow down the main list to your particular category in order to get real products your customer base wants. Next, you would want to double-check the products to determine where they abide by Amazon’s rules and regulations. Next, you need to find complementary products from the same niche that also sell well as it will help you maximize your revenue.

#1 To find the most profitable products, start with the bestsellers

Finding the bestseller products on Amazon is pretty simple. All you need to do is open the Amazon Best Seller Page and browse the category, and from there on, you can look for the best products and shortlist them accordingly.

#2 Choose your niche’s broad category

On the Amazon Best Seller Page, you need to select the broad category. For example, if your niche were electronics, you would click on the “Gadgets and Electronic Accessories” category. Once you open the category, you will see plenty of categories lined up that include headphones, chargers, data cards, and more. You can look up for their reviews and BSR to determine if they are sellable.

#3 Get to the items your customer base care about

Shortlist the items that your customer base really care about. You can narrow down the bestselling products from the category and choose the one that fits the buying desires of your customer base. You need to filter the products that you think the customers will definitely purchase. You may want to pick more than one product, as you may want to sell them as complementary products along with your main product. Having more than one product will help measure the depth of the products so that you can pitch and sell them differently.

#4 Double-check the products

Once you have shortlisted all the products, you need to double-check everything that includes the sales rank, the reviews, and all other factors. This will help you ensure that you selected the best products. You would want to know what customers are saying about the products and what improvements you can do on them if you can.

#5 Ensure that your products meet the ‘easy-to-buy’ criteria

The Amazon product criteria for fantastic product opportunity include the following:

  • Huge demand
  • Decent profit margins
  • Low competition
  • Low seasonality
  • No legal issues
  • Lightweight items – less than 3 pounds
  • Small products
  • Easy to ship
  • Less than $50
  • Products with a room for improvement

If the products you have searched and shortlisted complies with the mentioned Amazon product criteria, you can increase your chances of making more sales.
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It is all about finding what your target audience is buying over the years. Are they happy with the product or is there is room for improvement? If you can determine these aspects, you can surely make your run as an Amazon seller a pretty good one.

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