Amazon Hijack Alert Monitoring

/Amazon Hijack Alert Monitoring

Ultimate Guide to Removing Negative Reviews and Defend Against Hijacked Review

If you are a business owner and often find yourself in the midst of negative reviews, both genuine and engineered, then read ahead. Negative reviews about the products and services of a brand is a matter of great concern. It affects the overall reputation and embeds a sense of distrust in both existing and prospective [...]

By royan p| September 7th, 2020|Amazon Hijack Alert Monitoring|0 Comments

Amazon Listing Hijackers: How to Protect Your Amazon Business During Pandemic

Amazon listing hijacking is used by fake sellers and counterfeiters who sell a similar product the same or a knock off version of the product and  are using your listing and ranking to generate high sales in a short time and runaway with the sales. At times these are the sellers who purchase products from [...]

By royan p| August 23rd, 2020|Amazon Hijack Alert Monitoring|0 Comments
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