Using Product SPY Tracker for Examining Key Amazon Selling Performance Metrics

Are you an Amazon FBA seller? Fighting hard to keep up with the competition and drive sales?

What if you had the power to know what your competitors are doing to draw more ROI?

Wish you can track the number of feedbacks that your competitor is receiving and track the sentiment expressed by the customers about the product? Imagine if you had the ability to know the sales history of your competitors or the products that you are interested in selling based on the amazon product research that you have done in your niche!

If you wish to have that ability to supervise what exactly is going on in your niche market in which you are selling, what is the strategy of your competitors, and how much is the competition then you must be looking for an Amazon Sales tracker,Our Amazon sales rank tracker tool called Product SPY Tracker can track almost anything on Amazon that is meaningful for your FBA business which includes the estimated sales volume, prices, reviews and ratings, best seller rank, Ranks History, keywords ranking, sentiment tracking, and a lot more.

You are in a never-ending battle and as you might know that one of the mantras of achieving higher sales on Amazon is to get higher product ranking.

Talking about Product SPY Tracker, it has so many handy built-in features and small tools that will help you spy on your competitors’ pricing strategy and sales volume and It tracks negative reviews via Negative Review Email Alerts. You can continuously keep a tab on all these things to manipulate your strategies according to your buyers and competitors’ behavior.

And guess what? It can be easily set up with only a few clicks. Product SPY Tracker from Product SPY PRO is an Amazon Sales tracker that can help you discover what products to sell but will also tell which products can sell quickly to maximize profit. Simply add product ASINs or URL and punch some relevant keywords and you are good to go. This little Amazon product tracker will work for you day and night determinedly.

Why Do You Need Amazon Sales Tracker Software?

Even though the world’s biggest marketplace gets millions of users every day, perform countless sales, and make billions in revenue, it does not essentially mean that consumers will buy any product that you want to sell. Yes, you read that right! If you are selling on Amazon for quite some time then you may know that there is generally more than one seller for most of the products and niche available on Amazon. And this is the main reason why the competition to sell same products is skyrocketing. A robust Amazon sales rank tracker can prove to be a light bearer in this situation.

It will not only allow you to find the best products in the most profitable niches but will also help you in identifying the competitors, best sellers, demand, rankings, and estimated sales so that you can easily grow in the competitive marketplace. So instead of selling something and hoping it to perform well, Amazon review tracker gives you the insights of what precisely you should sell, who to sell, and where to sell based on the current market data and it helps you to increase the cash flow.

Amazon Sales Tracker – How Does Product SPY Tracker Work?

Product SPY PRO’s smart Product SPY Tracker is a simple and intuitive tool that is easy to use and understands large complex data retrieved from Amazon. This smart Amazon product tracker gives the users the capability to keep an eye on specific products of their niche market and examines the key Amazon selling performance metrics. The Amazon sales rank tracker immediately begins collecting data once you add a specific product of your niche to be tracked. When Product SPY Tracker collects sufficient data, you will see the performance metrics of the products including the Ranks History, reviews and ratings, estimated sales, and a lot more.



This Amazon review tracker will take at least two days for collecting the data of the tracked products and report the information in the following manner:

  • Product Image Product Information
  • Product Name
  •  Brand
  • ASIN
  • Seller Category, Data Created, Average Price, Average Rank, Average Unit Sold, Per Day Average Daily Revenue, Sentiment Score (%)

Subsequently, you can also do a graphical analysis and sentimental analysis of your tracked products.

With the help of the Amazon review tracker, you can track the reviews and plot in the graph based on a ‘star’ rating system (i.e. 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, etc).

Review Tracking Graph

Review Tracking Graph

You can add yours and your competitors’ products in the Product SPY Amazon Sales tracker to stay updated with your competitors’ performance, ratings, Ranks History, sales, and pricing so you can monitor your strategy. As if that’s not enough, for improving your customer experience, the tool’s Negative Review Email Alerts tracker will track the feedback from your customers and notify you to quickly respond to that. Negative sentiment Alerts will keep you informed of any negative sentiment expressed by your customers.

Actual Sales Tracking

Actual Sales Tracking Graph

How is Amazon Review Tracker Useful for Amazon FBA Private label Sellers?

Basically, the Product SPY Amazon Sales tracker tracks the product feedback. It is the information that the customers provide about their purchase experience. It is the customers’ opinions and their overall impression regarding the product they purchased. The graphical analysis works perfectly because all the data this tool generates is relevant that is, the reviews are strictly related to the actual product purchased by the users. The customers leave product reviews between one and five stars and based on that, our Amazon sales rank tracker tool tracks the products of the specific niche market and gives you a detailed analysis of what products you should sell and to whom.

Reviews play a crucial role in deciding which product is scalable and will perform in the competitive marketplace. And based on the reviews you can track the products that will help you perform well. What makes Product SPY Amazon review tracker unique from its counterparts is that it provides with Negative Review Email Alerts to the users meaning it will alert you about the product that you are tracking if it is not doing well with the customers. You will be easily able to understand using its graphical analysis.

Bad product reviews and ratings are always a nuisance and using the star-based review system; our Amazon Sales tracker can keep a tab on negative reviews and take actions accordingly by alerting you about it.

Detect Sentiment from Customer Reviews Using Amazon Sentiment Tracker

Want to know a secret? Sentiment analysis, in the present scenario, is the most crucial aspect of the product and sales tracking. As a seller, you might know that how positive and negative reviews can act as the deciding factors for your success as an Amazon seller.

Sentiment analysis has gradually become more and more popular. In the modern-day scenario, public content has ‘by no means’ been more appropriate. Information retrieved from the consumer reviews is now being used for gaining insight into the consumption-related decisions.

Our Product SPY Tracker is designed to apply machine learning algorithms that work to computationally establish whether a piece of writing is negative, positive, mixed, or neutral. This understanding of the associated sentiment grants our users important market awareness and the ability to proactively tackle issues in the early stage.

What is Sentiment Analysis and How Exactly Does Amazon Sentiment Tracker Works?

We will walk you through the whole process. For starters, sentiment analysis, as said earlier, is the process of identifying and categorizing the opinions or reviews expressed by people in a piece of text, but computationally. It is done especially to determine whether the user’s attitude towards a particular product or a topic is negative, positive, or mixed.

So basically, sentiment analysis involves the study of opinionated texts or phrases where people are engaging in discussions online labeling a particular product or topic as negative, positive, or neutral. On the other hand, sentiments, and opinions, unlike factual information have one key attribute; they are subjective and require to be studied in higher numbers.

Consider this Amazon review on a book called ‘The Making of 40 Photographs’: “This is truly a fantastic resource for those who want to ‘step into’ the mind of a master photographer.”
Our Product SPY Amazon sentiment tracker tool powered by semantic analysis can identify the realistic sentiment tagged to the mentioned product. Here the words “fantastic resource”, “who want to”, “This is truly” reinforces positive sentiment.

The key benefits for Amazon Sellers When Using Amazon Sentiment Tracker

Our Amazon Sales tracker is equipped with a robust algorithm that helps the retailers with tons of benefits such as;

  • It can process a large number of online product opinions automatically from numerous sources
  • Provides a deeper level of understanding apart from star ratings
  • Shows actionable insights
  • Increase the number of opinions collected by extracting and analyzing multiple opinions for every feedback source

Product SPY Amazon review tracker offers natural language processing service which is designed using a handful of APIs. It allows you to detect sentiment along with language, named entities, and key phrases and perform top modeling from a collection of documents. The tool’s ability to perceive sentiment is done using state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms that are written in such a way that it uses scoring attributes and mechanisms during the evaluation of text. Product SPY tracker sends out email alerts if negative sentiment is detected. Negative sentiment can be detected in 4-star reviews and keeping tab of the all the negative sentiment will help your brand to react quickly in improving the product design and customer support to rectify problems.

Our Amazon Sales tracker predicts five types of sentiment namely – Very Negative, Negative, Neutral, Positive Score, and Very Positive.

How Is Sentiment Analysis Done?

Amazon sentiment tracking is done using natural language processing. As shown in the example mentioned above, the algorithms are designed in such a way that it categorizes pieces of writing a negative, neutral, or positive.
The algorithms identify negative and positive words such as “awful”, “below par”, “attractive”, “incredible”, etc. However, this isn’t always that easy.

Challenges of Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment tracking algorithm sometimes finds it difficult to track sentiments due to language complexity. It will at least face a couple of issues.

  1. Contrastive Conjunction
    One main problem that the sentiment tracking algorithm has to face is the contrastive conjunction meaning a sentence consisting of two contradictory words/sentiments (positive and negative).
    Take this for an example-
    “I ran into a terrible car accident last night but with God’s grace nothing happened.”
  2. Named-Entity Recognition
    Another problem sentiment tracking algorithm face is named-entity recognition, that is; the same word in a context with a different meaning.
    Take this for an example-
    “Does Everest refer to the Movie or the Mountain?”
  3. Sarcasm
    Sentiment analysis fails to understand or detect sarcasm and humor.
    Take this for an example-
    “I am so happy the plane is delayed.”
  4. Anaphora Resolution
    Anaphora resolution or pronoun resolution illustrates the problem of references within a sentence.
    Take this for an example-
    ”I went to the Movie theatre and went for a dinner. It was terrible.”

ProductSPyPro considers all the above and continuously train itself to give the best results possible.

Sentiment Analysis Using Product SPY Tracker

So what is the best way to do sentiment analysis given that it has so many challenges?

Product SPY Amazon sentiment tracker is one of the most interesting tools that can perform sentiment analysis. But you have to understand that sentiment analysis tools are still far from ideal, it cannot detect humor, sarcasm, or context nuances.

Sentiment Tracking Graph

Sentiment Tracking Graph

But still, Product SPY Amazon Sales tracker can get you valuable insights and make sense out of them.

  • First, you need to add the products that you are tracking to productSPYPro Tracker
  • A table will generate with all the details including the Ranks History, sentiment score, etc
  • Click the sentiment analysis icon to see the detailed Sentiment graph and data. Here you will see volume charts and filters displaying both negative and positive mentions
  • You will get a numerical percentile summary of positive and negative mentions – Very Negative, Negative, Neutral, Positive Score, and Very Positive
  • To stay on top of your mentions, Negative sentiment Email Alerts are sent out for the products that you are tracking.
Product Tracker Search Using Keywords

Product Tracker Search Using Keywords


Product SPY Amazon Sales Tracker is a revolutionary tool that can help you – the Amazon sellers in monitoring what exactly is going on in your niche market, the competition rate, and what are the strategies of your competitors. With the likes of review tracking and sentiment analysis, you can always stay on top of your niche market.

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