Hello folks, how are you doing? I am Madison from product spy pro. Welcome to Product spy pro analytics platform videos series.

If you sell products on amazon or eBay or through your own web site, you may have done some product research to figure out which products to sell and under which category.

To make things easier for you to do product research, we at products spy pro have built a suite of tools to make your job easier. The first tool that we going to cover today is simple spy search.

One of the critical information that you would like to know before selling on amazon or any other platform is how well is the product selling, price range and category. Using simple spy search, you can quickly find out answers to these questions.

Let us start using the simple spy search. Right now, I am at product spy pro home page and here i am going to click simple spy search which will take to me a screen where you can begin product research.

The first thing to look is the category drop down and there are some categories you should consider staying away from such as such as automotive or appliances as it is difficult to compete in those categories and some of these categories are dominated by brand name products. Other categories such as books have a very low margin. So, it makes sense to stay away from these types of categories.

Now, Let us say you want to search for a product such as door mats — most probably, it will be in Lawn and Gardens category or you can select all categories as well.
Enter the key word in the search box and click submit. The page will bring you all the critical data that you are looking for derived by Product Spy Pro’s exclusive data science technology.

It displays for each product name, price, estimated sales, estimated revenue, FBA fees and weight. By clicking the link here, you can also figure out your profit margin. This Amazon FBA calculator allows you to enter your cost of manufacturing product and figure out the net profit that you will be making. Productspypro uses its own algorithm to figure out the estimated sales and revenue which helps you to figure out the demand for that product.

Estimates sales for this product is 620 units. You may be wondering if the estimated sales is daily, weekly or monthly. It is monthly unit sales and, accordingly, revenue column reflects monthly turnover in dollars. Ample analytics information about various products here and the nice thing is that it does not cost you anything to get it.

This tool offers you a massive amount of analytic information for free. You do not need to guess the estimated revenue based on how many units of the product is likely to sell. That is a significant work and this tool takes away all the guess work! You can literally do the research for any keyword or product here. How does Product Spy Pro take away the guess work? By capturing customer and product selling trends and applying their data science technology to bring you up-to-date analytics.

If you want to search for products that are currently ranked by Amazon to be between certain range, let us say between 3000 and 7000, filter the results based on the desired sales rank. You can see how many units are selling at what price and how much revenue the product is making. It is all real-time data with the one click, you can review all the analytics data points.

Also, you can see additional analytics data points by clicking options button and selecting additional analytics data points which includes the Net, the Category, the product Tier, the number of Sellers, product dimension which include the length the width and the height

Also, You can instantly download this data for further research. This is a really cool product for doing quick product research without installing any extension or software. With just a few clicks, the analytics data is at your finger tips.

Let us try few other examples. We are interested in selling sauce pans so we type in “sauce pans” in keyword field to begin search. Product Spy Pro returns the associated analytics data. We have the data here and you can sort the columns as well. For example, if you want to sort the estimated sales or price, you can do that by clicking on the relevant column header. You do not need to use excel spread sheet to track the data and it is all up-to-date.

You want to track the sales of a product, you can add the product to our tracker by clicking this + icon. Amazon product tracker is another tool that we have which will cover in another video.

You can instantly save the analytics data and do any number searches and figure out if selling a specific product is worthwhile. This is all free as we are offering free trial to try these suits of tools. We would love to hear from you if you are using this product already and please send us your thoughts using our contact form.

Have a fantastic day and feel free to head over to our platform — www.productspypro.com and register for an unlimited free trial. Thanks again for watching and will look forward to seeing you for our next video in the series.