As we discussed in the first part of this blog, Amazon product research can be performed with ease if you know the basics. But Amazon has so many FAQs for just this sort of question. From choosing what type of product subtype you want to sell to what product sell at the top of that niche/category, and whether to allow Amazon to do the stocking and shipping for smaller margin, it becomes difficult especially for the startups, to begin with. On the other hand, you also need to decide what income you hope to achieve.

All these factors will depend on how you conducted the Amazon product research. Carrying on from the first part, we will be discussing further questions and will try to provide to-the-point answers.

#1 Where do my competitors get their products?

The first thing you do in search of Amazon FBA product ideas is researching the potential manufacturing partners for your Private label products for small business. You can achieve this by accessing public import reports to see from where your rivals are sourcing their products. You can think of it as a shortcut to identify foreign manufacturing capabilities similar to what you need.

However, just because your competitor is using specific overseas manufacturer doesn’t mean that you will be getting the same cooperation from the manufacturer to make your products. Please note that the overseas manufacturers may not be able to cater to your custom product design requirements. It is a great place to begin if you are a beginner or looking for a new product, conversely, without having to make a hassle trip overseas to discover suitable manufacturers.


#2 Will an Amazon Price Tracker be of any benefit?

Practically, you should install one of these Product research tools for FBA sellers. By being able to determine listing activities across other FBA sellers on listings you are considering to add to your catalog, you can determine likely types of pricing competition you will face. Moreover, you will also be able to understand if the product has been sold by the marketplace itself.

However, it is vital to gauge the historical pricing information, so you aren’t getting a potentially misleading and static picture of competition. For instance, you may distinguish the product you aspire to sell has very little competition only to find out that Amazon itself is selling the product. It means that the product was provisionally out of stock and you will be ultimately back to compete with Amazon head-to-head. This is something that may leave you to rethink whether you want to sell that particular item.

#3 While product researching, how many vendors selling one product are too much? That is, how much competition is too much on Amazon?

The best way to deal with this issue is to look for the number of reviews to gauge competitiveness. However, you are advised to avoid competing with products that show up on more than one page of results and that look identical. These products are saturated and will not allow your product to stand out, that is the listings will be similar, and hence, it will be difficult to differentiate from one another. And the general thumb rules states that avoid banking on ‘magic number’ of listings that will boost your sales. The best way to gauge the market is to follow the law of ‘supply and demand.’ It is still the tried and right way to determine the market and competitiveness. Do your research and avoid bringing brand new products to the marketplace that aren’t anywhere in its catalog.

#4 How to determine what keywords Amazon customers are using to find my product?

Whether you are looking to optimize existing listings or new listings onto which you have added your product, it is always important to understand the keywords your Amazon customers are using to search your product. You must know that customer preference changes over time. That means your keyword selections today may need to be updated later. Refresh your main listings at least yearly and note that the buyers may be finding your products through keywords that aren’t obvious to you today.

#5 Should I buy Universal Product Codes to put onto other brands’ existing products?

If you are building Private label products for small business on Amazon, you are going to need Universal Product Codes (UPCs) for each product you list. We want to point out that it is advisable to not buy UPCs to put against other companies’ existing products. There is a high possibility of the new listing getting created that are duplicates of existing ones, but the new seller did not do the required work of tuning its offers to the existing listings in the catalog. This will only mess up your venture as it can result in hundreds of returned or canceled orders and too much negative feedback.


#6 How can working with a company that specializes in Amazon data management and feed integration would be beneficial?

In case you are increasing the number of listings in your Amazon catalog, it will quickly get complicated keeping track of all the columns of data needed for your listings. A freelance company that specializes in keeping up with what columns of data are required in each category can help you save a lot of your time building and maintaining your product feeds.

#7 There are some sites that offer illegal product reviews where the buyer has never seen the product. Should I use one or stick with the legitimate reviews?

If you sell Private label products for small business, you should be immediately looking for ways to get legitimate reviews on your products. The attendance of mere 6-10 product reviews for every private label product can help you reduce buyer’s uncertainty to purchase. However, don’t go for the illegitimate reviews as Amazon have much more strict rules regarding product reviews and it finds out a review for your product is illegitimate, it will either suspend your account or banish from selling on the site.

#8 What is an ideal feedback score to achieve the privileges of the Buy Box?

Feedback is one of the most critical measures used by the marketplace to appraise the sellers. As an FBA seller, you should aim for an average Feedback score of 90% and above. Score less than 90% is likely to result in a loss of the Buy Box privileges. If you are a brand-new seller, not using FBA, you should wait at least a month building up the feedback before Amazon thinks you are eligible for the Buy Box.

#9 How can I use Sponsored Product ads to drive traffic to my products?

After Amazon has made certain changes to its product reviews rules, more and more FBA sellers are focusing on advertising to drive traffic to their site. A Sponsored Product ad offered by Amazon can help you with the opportunities to increase traffic to your listings. You are required to become more sophisticated in your available budgets and bidding strategies. There are several tools available to help sellers promote their individual products through Sponsored Products.

#10 Do I need PPC to get more sales?

You have to understand that PPC might only improve your sales if your product isn’t ranked in the first spot on the first page of your main keyword. If your product is ranked on the top of the first page, it might improve your sales a little bit not as you may anticipated.

#11 What is recommended – PPC or AMS?

To your question which Amazon marketing platform to use, there has been a lot of talks lately. We believe that everything depends on your objectives. Amazon marketing services are paid digital advertising platforms that pretty much has no benefit anymore because Amazon provides the functionality of running the headline search ads inside of the Amazon Seller Central. So, long story short, just use PPC inside Amazon Sellers Central.

#12 Do I need an email list for my FBA business?

It is not necessary to have an email list for selling Private label products for small business but is recommended. If you want to build one, you will have to shower your potential buyers with some lucrative offers, something like this – ‘register here to get 50% off on your next purchase.’ You will have to send the customers to your landing page where you can collect their emails. However, these email lists aren’t super valuable but will let you drive decent sales.

#13 Someone told me that you should not run PPC before you have at least 2-3 reviews. Is it true?

You can go ahead and run PPC without any reviews. PPC will eventually make you sales even if you have recently launched the product with no reviews. However, once your product accumulates 10-15 reviews, you will see your PPC starts to convert better. In the meantime, you are advised to work to rank your products well and get more organic sales.

#14 Using affiliate links on my own products – is it feasible?

If you have a seller’s account with the marketplace, you can provide affiliate links for your items on other platforms including your personal website, social media, and more. However, you are required to read the terms and conditions of the affiliate program offered by Amazon as we have seen many sellers whose accounts were banned. It is totally different from the Seller Central account and we think that you are not for it as per Amazon’s latest terms of service.

#15 How can I overcome the fear of ‘Analysis Paralysis?’

When you are looking for Amazon FBA product ideas that can Increase your Amazon sales, most sellers act impulsively or take risks after a lot of contemplation. It is something that happens to everyone and speaking with experience; don’t expect to make money on your first product/niche and think of launching the product as a big learning curve for your Amazon FBA business.

#16 How to get reviews without violating Amazon’s Terms of Service?

You may know that violation of any rules on Amazon will directly affect your Amazon FBA business. Either you will be suspended, or your account will be deleted. In both cases, it is painful. There are many ways using which you can get reviews, but it is the legal way that matters. For your product to get reviews, you need sales. The easiest way to accumulate reviews is through PPC spend but the only difference is that this time, you will have to act more aggressive on your PPC. Second, you can send coupons and promo codes as well.

#17 How to determine the Amazon FBA product ideas have failed or how to know it is time to give up on a failed product?

As mentioned in our previous articles, 10 sales a day means you are doing good. This should be your target when starting your Amazon FBA business with a new product. Determine whether your product is able to sell 10 times a day and if you hike the price, will your product would still be able to make 10 sales a day.

#18 I am not a US Citizen. Can I sell legally in the US?

For all that we know, it is difficult for a non-US citizen to set up an Amazon account and it might be a bit different depending on the country you live in. You should check Amazon for policy on this.

#19 What is the best time to start driving outside traffic to my Amazon product?

It is a debatable topic and most people don’t think it is worth it including us. The fact that you spend your time and resources on a good niche and start selling on Amazon will help you make money and grow is 100% true and we don’t see why you should be targeting outside marketing channels for making more money. Yes, you could do this as you already have an established Amazon FBA business.

#20 What is the best way to protect my product from the hijackers?

Truth to be told, there is nothing you could do to protect your product from the hijackers. Yes, there are ways using which you can limit or minimize their inclusion in your product niche. You need to trademark your brand and if the product you are selling is developed by you, then you should patent it immediately.


We hope that this two-part questionnaire will help you clear most of your doubts regarding Amazon product research and how to Increase your Amazon sales. We have spread it over across the board and are assuming that you will get inspired to ask more questions.

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